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Reversible Kimono | Block Print | Khadi

Reversible Kimono | Block Print | Khadi


Lovely Reversible Block Printed Kimono Jacket, Handcrafteda from high quality, sustainably sourced khadi fabrci!

Khadi textile is a hand-woven fabric, traditionally made from natural fibers such as cotton, silk or wool and was promoted by Mahatma Gandhi during India's independence movement.

The other side the kimono features a traditionally block printed design called Phooli, originating from the Mali community in India. This community is named after mala, which is the sanskrit name for flower garland (decorative braid made from flowers) This motif shows intertwining flowers and is an appreciation for the talented artisans who make these beautiful intricate flower garlands, decorating the temples all over India!

- Multiple ways of wearing: The jacket is designed to be reversible so you can wear it both ways for a different look: One side: khadi textile with block printed border. Other side: full block printed textile.
- Traditionally hand block printed in a natural and traditional way in India


Feel free to reach out to me. I love to hear from you!

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