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African Mudcloth Halter Top

African Mudcloth Halter Top


This halter top is truly unique, as it is crafted from African Mudcloth! I didn't have to travel to Africa for this as we stumbled upon some leftover fabrics at the atelier in India, just enough to create these tops.


African mudcloth is a traditional textile art form originating from West Africa.

The fabric undergoes a special process where it’s soaked in a bath made from fermented mud, leaves, and other natural materials. Artisans then hand-paint patterns and symbols onto the cloth using natural white pigment.

Much like Indian prints, African mud cloth is decorated with lots of different symbols carrying meanings such as fertility, protection, wisdom, and social status.


Made from high quality cotton.

Size: Free size, as you can adjust the top with the straps around your body.


Front length: 29 cm

Width (all around) : 73 cm


*NOTE: Each piece will have a (slightly) different pattern as the top is created from a large textile

This item is ethically made by local artisans in rural India! Every year I travel to India to make a visit to the villages to meet the people I collaborate with so that I can proudly say that everything is made fair trade and with a whole lot of love!

Feel free to reach out to me. I love to hear from you!
♥ Love,


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