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Vintage Embroidered Rabari Laptop Case

Vintage Embroidered Rabari Laptop Case


This laptop case is made from vintage Rabari dowry bags, traditionally gifted to brides symbolizing status, wealth, and family generosity. Handcrafted with embroidery, mirror work, and appliqué, these bags took months to complete and held sentimental value, carrying stories and traditions through generations. Nowadays crafting dowry bags is not longer a tradition and therefor vintage Rabari pieces grow more precious over time!

The laptop case is finished with extra thickness on the inside to provide good protection. It features 2 zippers and a decorative handcrafted tassel.

25x35 cm

- Unique item! Only 2 pieces available of this design as its made from a vintage fabric
- This item is ethically made by local artisans in rural India! Every year I travel to India to make a visit to the villages to meet the people I collaborate with so that I can proudly say that everything is made fair trade and with a whole lot of love!

If you're interested in learning more about the ethical production of these products, follow me on Instagram @thaamsz. Feel free to reach out to me. I love to hear from you!

♥ Love,

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